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ICAO Takes Clean Sheet Approach To Checkpoint Of The Future

Security officials convening in Montreal Nov. 30-Dec. 1 will adopt a “clean sheet” approach to designing a checkpoint of the future. Their goal: Make substantial gains in screening technology to frustrate terrorist attackers while making the ritual of passing through … Continue reading

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Airlines face tarmac-delay challenges as winter approaches

As the season of sleet, snow and ice storms approaches, a new federal regulation has U.S. airlines checking their preparation lists a lot more than just twice. The rule in play at the nation’s 66 largest airports imposes heavy fines … Continue reading

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Only 20% of cargo to U.S. checked for bombs

Billions of pounds of packages bound for the U.S. each year are delivered on passenger flights in which cargo is checked with an electronic system that does not screen for bombs, lawmakers and security experts said Monday. Robert Bonner, former … Continue reading

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