BAS Strategic Solutions is a team of highly qualified and experienced subject matter experts who provide consulting and analytical services to clients across all levels of government and industry. Our commitment to clients is to provide expertise appropriate to the specific needs and challenges they are facing. If we don’t have the specific expertise you need, we’ll help you find it. BAS prides itself on maintaining a significant depth of knowledge in the specific areas of focus of each of our staff members to ensure that we provide clients with relevant and comprehensive guidance and analysis.

  2. Program and Project Management

    The BAS team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) brings broad experience and deep understanding of program and project management in both federal and commercial environments. Our SME experience spans multiple business domains including: defense, information technology, security technology, airports, civilian government agencies, law enforcement, government professional services, and multiple technologies such as: security screening, access control, CCTV, biometrics, executive information systems, data integration, custom system development


    • Broad and extensive program management expertise at both executive and execution levels
    • Transition management
    • Contract and task order startup and closeout
    • Stakeholder engagement and management strategies
    • Detailed and comprehensive planning and scheduling

    Credentials and Certifications

    • PMI Project Management Professional
    • Federal Level III Program Manager

  3. Security Technology

    BAS provides government and aviation industry security technology expertise covering a multitude of technologies and stakeholders.

    • Both headquarters and field level experience
    • Explosives detection technology
    • Security system architecture and integration
    • Operational experience using and managing equipment and services
    • Hands-on design, fabrication, installation and operation of security technology

  4. Communication and Outreach

    Our team of experts has extensive contacts within the aviation industry, both within and outside the federal government. Our understanding of the various challenges and perspectives of all relevant stakeholders enables us to provide highly focused support for our clients.

    • Significant reach across aviation industry – airport executives, TSA, FAA, airlines, industry professionals, suppliers
    • Deep understanding of industry stakeholder perspectives
    • Strategic messaging and communication planning
    • Effective tools and strategies tailored to required schedule, budget, and target audience
    • Facilitate funding negotiations
    • TSA and other industry working groups

  5. Data Integration

    Our experience in data integration was born of necessity. Our executives needed access to consolidated information spanning multiple programs and with many sources. We have lived through the challenges and understand the critical issues that must be addressed to achieve effective data integration.

    • Data source analysis
    • Data architecture and integration strategies
    • Executive information and reporting requirements
    • Executive Information Systems design, development, operations and maintenance

  6. Strategic Collaboration and Vision Development

    Our approach to strategic collaboration and vision development is to leverage the significant and complementary expertise of our staff to apply knowledge, experience and insight to our clients’ needs. Our depth of knowledge enables us to address broad and complex issues. We do this through a variety of approaches, including:

    • Facilitation
    • Concept development
    • White papers
    • Business strategies
    • Strategic market advice and development – we help our clients explore answers to these and similar questions: Is it worth going after this market? What if we did …? Could we apply our product to …? Can we repackage our product to be useful to …? Does this office need …? How can I position my product/technology/process/idea for …? How can I leverage my experience in … to expand my business in …?
    • Teaming strategies- identification and vetting of teaming partners

  7. Transition Management

    Every day, companies are awarded federal government contracts and almost immediately fail in performance and schedule because of a lack of effective transition from award to steady state operations. A major factor in ensuring near immediate success of a contractor to the government is to ensure an efficient transition from the incumbent contractor or government operations team. This type of support allows the program and project managers to focus on meeting the customers operational needs while ensuring that the hand-offs from the incumbent team are conducted appropriately and within the program schedule.

    • Ensure an efficient and complete transition from the incumbent contractor or government operations team
    • Free program and project managers to focus on meeting the customer’s operational needs and ramping up domain knowledge for the customer’s unique processes and procedures.
    • Ensure hand-offs from the incumbent team are conducted appropriately and within the program schedule
    • Facilitate on-boarding for new employees
    • Liaison between the government and task leads
    • Coordinate all contractor work space allocations
    • Modifications to the statement of work and contract line items
    • Change order strategies and services

  8. Bid and Proposal

    Companies have struggled to develop wining proposals since the government began issuing competitive RFPs. We can help not only with the expertise needed to focus the response, but also with the process and mechanics of an effective bid and proposal process.

    • RFP review and analysis to ensure that you address all requirements, especially all evaluated requirements.
    • Proposal outline preparation to ensure the response follows the proposal preparation requirements of the RFP, PLUS addresses all RFP requirements
    • Proposal manager coaching If you’re not a seasoned proposal manager, you will need help. The proposal manager is the single key individual for the submission of a comprehensive response. The proposal manager’s time management is extremely critical.
    • Proposal writing and editing is essential when you don’t have the bandwidth to do it yourself. Grammar, sentence structure, flow and formatting are essential for a quality response.
    • Proposal review and critique is something everyone dreads, but an independent assessment of your product is essential to delivering a quality product that meets the requirements.
    • We provide access to subject matter experts in a number of areas.

      Remember, you only get one chance at a first impression; we will help you ensure you have a quality product.

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